Our research & development team selects the best technology to obtain pure, stable & high technology body hyaluronic acid.

Hyaluronic Acid

The sodium hyaluronic acid is a natural polysaccharide present in the skin, in the subcutaneous and in the connective tissues acting as important structuring element, and equally in the synovial tissue and synovial fluid. The sodium hyaluronic acid is one of the few substances having an identical form in all Living organisms

Advanced Technology

EIM Technology

EIM (Enhanced Interlinked 3D Matrix) technology is a unique procedure to have high covalent bonding among HA molecules in a polysaccharide chain. EIM offers following benefits to EIKONHA gel;

  • Long chain molecules form a coiled 3-D hydrophilic matrix network configuration which allows nutrition, oxygen and hormone to go through freely, and protect regular physiological functions of the tissue.
  • Increase the surface area of HA gel
  • More space for water to attract – enhanced hydration capability of HA gel
  • Higher stability against natural degradation by hyaluronidase
  • Good cohesivity of gel with desired syringeability
  • Promising rheological properties (viscoelastic hydrated gel)
  • HA gel holds the shape and reduce gel migration
  • Attributes

    Concentration Volume Particle Size Duration
    20mg/ml 10ml/20ml 0.5-1.25mm 12-18 months


    Sterile single-use syringe with sodium hyaluronate gel. Secure attachment of the cannula to the syringe is assured by the Luer-Lock fitting on the tip of the syringe

    • Gel Concentration: 20 mg/mL
    • Gel Volume: 10 mL/20 mL