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What is Eikonha

Eikonha is a unique purified, viscous, stabilized, cross-linked, transparent and non-animal origin sodium hyaluronic acid gel for body.

Mode of Action

Eikonha takes cross-linked sodium hyaluronate gel as the main compo¬nent. As a kind of soft tissue restorative agent and filler, it is chiefly used in injection into the deep dermis and superficial layer of the subcuta¬neous tissue to adjust body contour.

High purity sodium hyaluronate cross-linked derivative is a colorless transparent gel. Its long chain molecules cross link and form a coiled 3-D hydrophilic matrix network configuration which allows nutrition, oxygen and hormone to go through freely, so as to protect regular physiological functions of the tissue.

Most of the cross-linked hyaluronic acids will be degraded and absorbed by human body in the end. However, the degradation speed is far slower than that of non-cross-linked hyaluron¬ic acids. Finally, they will metabolize into CO2 and H2O in Liver and be excreted out of the body in urine.

Indication for Use

Cosmetic body-shaping procedures can be categorized into those that remove tissue and those that add volume. To add volume, Eikonha is effective and well tolerated. It represents an attractive treatment option for volume restoration or augmentation by providing predictable long-lasting results after minimally invasive administration. Uses include:

  • Trauma/Surgical scars
  • Buttock Volume
  • Aesthetic Gynecology
  • Male Chest Shaping
  • Body Depressions
  • Calves Shaping/Augmentation